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"Tori and I began our amazing coaching journey together during a pivotal moment in my life.  I was working in a high stress job and “extra-crispy” from job burnout, plus coupled with a financial hardship.  I felt trapped and panicky and didn’t know how to turn my life around, that was until I started working with Tori.  I’m still on my journey but have changed the course of my future significantly.  I no longer go to a job that I dislike, my finances have improved and I’ve learned valuable insight about myself through this journey.  I am a person that needs support when making big life changes and I am full of awe and gratitude for Tori’s superb coaching skills and her remarkable intuitive power.  Most importantly, I value her deep compassion, empathy and commitment through both dark shadows and radiant light." — Maureen
"I remember watching The Miracle Worker as a child and I was stunned by Helen Keller's resilience and tenacity. It was only as an adult educator that I realized that the movie equally (and maybe even more strongly) represented Helen's teacher, Anne Sullivan.Tori Goodrich has represented many roles in my life. The one that I wish to emphasize here, however, is her role of teacher. I am a professor myself. To teach this teacher is not an easy task. I am set in my ways. She is patient, kind, empathic and resourceful. She is always professional; however, it is not a problem for her to get down and dirty with you to dig out your demons if that is necessary. She even encouraged me to accomplish a goal of mine since first grade-that of writing a book. It is on Amazon now, She did that for me.I am keeping her in my lifelong cache of resources. When life is all too complicated and it is all too much, when I feel as though I cannot see well or hear well or I do not understand, I have her number and I call her. Good teachers are like that; they are reusable, resourceful and always there when we need them. And they never give up on us." — J. Bonaduce, PhD, RN-BC

"I recall Tori Goodrich being recommended to me by a colleague who sang her praise at significant length. It was an unsolicited reference at the time and I was not keen to begin yet another professional relationship; however, I ended up agreeing to give her a ring. Soon into the conversation, I unexpectedly was happily making an appointment, eager to meet her in person. Unlike the more traditional therapeutic environments I had tried over the years, Tori's role as a life coach has been exceptionally invaluable to me on a number of fronts. Tori's incisive, focused observations, sage advice, generous willingness to share her own experiences and compassionate commitment to my personal and professional well-being has been a gift for which I am profoundly grateful." — J. Button

"I've been honored to grow with Tori Goodrich over the past 5+ years overcoming anxiety, depression, familial and work challenges and various struggles relating to disordered eating. Her holistic approach paired with vast knowledge of the world at large allows for a comforting environment where I feel safe to share, accepted and driven to live with authenticity. With a solid background working with individuals of all capacity from corporate professionals to young women, she uses a multitude of modalities to uncover layers and unveil understanding. Tori challenges me to live my truth each day and has helped overflow my toolbox with self-care strategies to overcome anything that comes my way. I consider Tori to be a healer with tremendous experience working with females struggling to relate to their instincts, visions and journey by re-connecting one to self in-turn gaining self-love, acceptance and compassion." — S. Kosteva
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