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I was in corporate America for over twenty years and I loved what I did. But, without a moments notice, I had three life changing events happen in the span of 6 months and I felt as if I were being hit over the head with "is this the way you want your life to be?" I had no balance in my life. I had no plan. I had no clarity. I was last on my list. I was a full-time mother, wife and corporate executive. After the third life changing event, September 11, I resigned from my corporate job one month later, hired and trained my replacement and went back to school to get my life coaching degree with the intention of helping others through life's transitions.

I am sure I had many life changing moments before September 11th but as with most of us, I was not listening. This time I had to listen. I had no choice. Well, we always have a choice but this time, I was lucky enough choose it.

As you read some of my testimonials, you will see that I work from a different place than most coaches. My job (which I love) is to listen; to hold a place of understanding, support and guidance. When we work together, I am accessible during the “inbetween times” when life happens. This is where we can really make a difference in your particular challenge. Forward movement with support.
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