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As a business professional as well as a Certified Master Life Coach with ten years of experience working with clients and professionals of diverse backgrounds and professional levels, I have always believed that there is a particular need for in-house, on-site coaching and professional support. It is with excitement that I am beginning to see this implemented in companies on the west coast with huge success and would like to offer this service to business owners in the tri-state area.

As an in-house coach, I would be available to assist with a variety of issues, both professionally and personally. With management and human resource staff wearing many hats, my job is to assist employees with navigating issues that may keep them from being their most productive and focused at work.

The "WHY"

Most importantly, I create the ability for employers to have an in-house resource to have private, consistent and confidential support and guidance for their employees.This creates the ability to make appointments around their schedule as opposed to having to leave the office campus.

Specific Support with:

- Stress management and balance

- Focus, clarity and clear objectives

- Motivation and time management

- Organization tools and relationship tools

- Loss or need to assist with elderly parents or family members

- Divorce or separation

- Family members concerns or issues

- Rechoosing or redefining of job career

- Goals and objectives for career improvement of advancement

- Goals and clear objectives for personal advancement or growth

- Multi generations in the work force creating communication gaps

- Lunch and learns and seminars

- Local office in Wayne for personnel that would prefer to be seen off-site

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