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What Do I Do Now?

As a Transitional Life Coach, I work specifically with anyone who is in transition. Whether it's a life changing situation such as a medical diagnosis, loss of a loved one, partnership, marriage or a job to downsizing yourself or an aging family member, together we face these challenges head on to guide you through with support and a personalized, strategic plan.

Many of us find ourselves in a transition of just trying to "find" ourselves (again) through the daily life we lead every day. Learning to breathe and create a new normal is not easy without support and guidance.

I specialize in assisting clients who are looking for their business or career to be more productive and efficient; to really make a difference in their work. Or someone who is just looking to learn new ways to define goals, set priorities and develop strategies for a happier work/life balance.

- Stress Management and Balance
- Personal Growth
- Focus, Clarity and Goal Setting
- Career Planning and Development
- Motivation and Time Management
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