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Tori has worked in the corporate world for the past twenty years holding senior positions with SEI, ITI, Grafix, and Burgess Communications working with sales teams, administrative and marketing staff, while reporting directly to the CEOs. In 2004, she started her own business assisting companies and specific high level clients in business and career coaching, specifically the psycho-social aspects during a variety of life transitions. Today, Tori works with each client specifically to provide supportive guidance in navigating their particular challenge by using a variety of tools to assist them in rediscovering their passions and embracing new possibilities to define goals, set priorities and develop strategies for a happy, healthier lifestyle. She is also the co-founder of Gener8tional Connections.

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I was in corporate America for over 20 years and I loved what I did. But, without a moments notice, I had three life changing events happen in the span of 6 months and I felt as if I were being hit over the head with "is this the way you want your life to be?" I had no balance in my life. I had no plan. I had no clarity. I was last on my list. I was a full-time mother, wife and corporate executive. After the third life changing event, 9/11, I quit my corporate job one month later, hired my replacement and went back to school to get my life coaching degree with the intention of helping others.

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As a Transitional Life Coach, I work specifically with anyone who is in transition. Whether it is a life changing situation such as having to downsize either yourself or a relative from a large home into a smaller home or assisted living facility or a change in your personal situation such as loss of a job, loss of a loved one or loss of partnership or marriage. I also assist clients who are looking for their business to be more productive and efficient. Or someone who is just looking to learn new ways to define goals, set priorities and develop strategies for a happier lifestyle.

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As a Master Life Coach, Tori assists with the most important question, “What Do I Do Now?” She works directly with each client and family member(s) to specifically provide supportive guidance in navigating their grief process. Her gift is in creating a “new normal” for her clients to assist in learning new ways to define goals, set priorities and develop strategies for a happier lifestyle.Tori also specializes in working with clients in rediscovering their life during transition and embracing new possibilities and reconnecting with themselves to lead healthy, balanced and stress free lives.

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As a business professional as well as a Certified Master Life Coach with ten years of experience working with clients and professionals of diverse backgrounds and professional levels, I have always believed that there is a particular need for in-house, on-site coaching and professional support. It is with excitement that I am beginning to see this implemented in companies on the West Coast with huge success and would like to offer this service to business owners in the Tri-State area. As an in-house coach, I would be available to assist with a variety of issues, both professionally and personally. Management and human resource staff already wear many hats, my job would be to assist employees navigating issues that may keep them from being their most productive and focused at work.

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“I value her deep compassion, empathy and commitment through both dark shadows and radiant light." — Maureen “Tori's incisive, focused observations, sage advice, generous willingness to share her own experiences and compassionate commitment to my personal and professional well-being has been a gift." — J. Button

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